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it’s never too late to get breastfeeding help

Most moms know (at least we hope they do!) how important it is to get help with breastfeeding in the early days of nursing a new baby. 

Getting started with breastfeeding, especially the first time around, is often a challenge. A lactation consultant, a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, or a La Leche League or Breastfeeding USA counselor can provide critical help and encouragement in those early days.

But once you're a few months into breastfeeding, you may think your days of needing help are over. You're over the initial hump and it's all smooth sailing, right?

The truth is that breastfeeding changes over time, and many different issues may arise later on in your nursing journey that require some assistance. Here are just a few:

Certainly if you have pain with breastfeeding at any time it's critical to get help. Latch pain, plugged ducts, blebs/milk blisters, and mastitis, are all important reasons to get some help right away. There are even seasonal changes that can affect breastfeeding, such as Raynaud's vasospasm of the nipple, which catches many women by surprise when the weather turns cold.

We encourage you to seek help for any breastfeeding concerns, whether they arise on day one or in year two. Use these directories to find board certified lactation consultants, La Leche League leaders, Breastfeeding USA counselors, and WIC breastfeeding peer counselors near you.