Motherlove’s ‘B Teams’

Motherlove’s ‘B Teams’

Since 2015, Motherlove is proud to be a certified B Corp! We’ve talked before about some of the practices we have in place that fit well with the mission of B Corp – our certified organic farm, certifications from ClimateWise, solar panels, our charitable giving program and our commitment to sustainability in our everyday practices. While we are glad to have so many worthwhile practices already in place, we firmly believe that there is always room for improvement.

In order to continually improve, we created what we call ‘B Teams’. These teams, or small groups of our staff members, were created in 2017 as we prepared to go through the re-certification program with B Corp. Our 3 teams were created out of our staff’s desire to get more involved with B Corp and improve Motherlove as a whole. We thought we’d share just a little bit about each group and what they are working on.

Sustainability Team

Since our founding, Motherlove has always tried to be a good steward of the environment. As we grow, this group is dedicated to ensuring we remain committed to these same principles of waste diversion, energy and water conservation, and carbon offsetting. As an example, every year they spend 2 weeks tracking exactly how much waste we are diverting from the landfill and then look for ways to improve. This year, we successfully diverted 98% of our waste from the landfill but this team is already hard at work to divert even more by next year. They recently eliminated all single-use napkins in our breakroom, installed mini recycling and compost bins at every workstation, and constantly look for ways in which we can re-use our materials in-house.

Giving Team

The Giving Team is responsible for overseeing Motherlove’s corporate giving program. Did you know that Motherlove donates 1% of sales back to non-profits that focus on women, children and the environment? For over 10 years, we’ve been committed to officially giving back to our community and this team helps us review proposals for funding and seeks out organizations to support. In addition, they help Motherlove employees find places to volunteer outside of work and organize our ‘Diapering and Nursing Tent’ at local fairs. This tent provides families with a shaded area to feed and/or diaper their babies and of course, we always have samples on hand to try.

Health and Wellness Team

This team is dedicated to providing a nurturing work environment that supports the needs, goals, and well-being of all Motherlove employees. They spearhead what we call “Wellness Wednesdays”. Every Wednesday morning, our staff is able to take an hour to either go for a walk outside or do yoga in one of our breakrooms. As the company continues to grow, so do our opportunities! The Health and Wellness Team recently added the option to take a bike ride, attend a guided meditation, or take part in a book club. On top of Wellness Wednesdays, they make sure all employees understand our health and retirement benefits and they work with the Giving Team on organizing team building activities such as working with Habitat for Humanity, taking part in a cooking class, or competing in laser tag!

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about how Motherlove staff members are invested in the continual improvements of our company. We are proud of the work our staff is doing to better our work culture, local community, and the environment.

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