Pumpspotting and The Breast Express!

Pumpspotting and The Breast Express!

Blog contribution by pumpspotting

At Motherlove, partnering with other businesses who support mothers on this all-important journey of motherhood is part of what makes us who we are. We are fortunate to be able to support pumpspotting, a company that connects breastfeeding women over milk, motherhood, and the best places to nurse and pump. Read below to find out who pumpspotting is and how it can help you out on your motherhood journey.

The Back Story
Amy, founder of pumpspotting, has had her fair share of boob-ventures. She’s nursed in parks and playgrounds and parking lots and on hiking trails. She’s pumped in makeshift offices, dressing rooms, backseats, bathroom stalls and even between businessmen at 20,000 feet. She’s hand expressed, endured mastitis, seen many a look from others and a new level of crazy from herself when the frozen milk she shipped cross-country didn’t arrive. All in all, she’s had quite the journey.

Her creative and entrepreneurial spirit took over in the midst of a milk-making frenzy because she felt downright determined to not let other mamas feel alone, as she once had. She dreamed up pumpspotting with her heart, mind, and boobs. And ultimately, she developed a solution for the loneliness, the lack of support, and the long seasons of nursing and pumping.

The App
With technology at a mama’s fingertips and the need to access support plus information at all hours of the day (and night), an app was the perfect solution. Our app has kept a few key concepts that are critical to breastfeeding, pumping and mama success:

  • Allowing mamas to connect over mamahood, nipple cream, and the many trials and triumphs of nursing and pumping. Conversations!
  • Finding pumpspots near you because as mamas post their local gems (or duds) for us all to see, we can navigate our own way when we are out and about nursing or pumping.
  • Sharing pumpspots to help fellow mamas feed their babes and relieve their boobs.

The Community

So many, actually, countless other moms have had journeys such as Amy’s. Women all over the world nourish their sweet babes every moment of the day. While some mamas experience journeys free of complications, others hit nearly every bump in the milk making road. The beautiful thing though, is there is a collective energy among us regardless of our endeavors. We are all putting in the time and effort and love to make more ounces for our sweet babies. We sacrifice sometimes. We don’t have it easy all of the times. We just show up.

And so does the pumpspotting community. All of who pumpspotting is, is women for women, mamas for mamas. We provide uplifting messages, breastfeeding and pumping tips, and real-life stories – never hiding any challenges. Our app and community are a pathway in this world of boobs, milk makers and milk supporters and a platform so that we may never feel alone.

Mamas: together, we’ve got this.

The best places to connect with pumpspotting are:

  • On the app, of course.
  • Over on Instagram where we post daily inspiration, tips and stories to encourage and support ALL the mamas.
  • On our Breast Express Tour:  We’re taking to the road this spring, in a 40-foot RV named Barb, traveling cross-country to show up for breastfeeding women. We’ll be bringing our pumpsuite where mamas need a place to nurse or pump most, uniting communities in conversation, and celebrating the good everywhere we find it.

We certainly look forward to you joining us.

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