Registry Essentials You Might Be Overlooking

Registry Essentials You Might Be Overlooking

Written by: Janel Duffy, BeHerVillage.

When you’re getting ready to welcome your new baby into your family, there are endless checklists, tools, and planners that will tell you about all the things you need to buy to take care of your baby. You know what we mean–bouncers, bibs, baby-carrying devices, lots of clothes and sheets, and feeding gadgets galore!

What’s missing from all of these checklists is the care that YOU need as you welcome your baby into the world. We know that babies need some things, but we encourage you to think about your needs as you transition from pregnancy, to birth, and into postpartum. 

Here is a list of registry essentials that you might be overlooking as you get ready to have your baby:


Childbirth Classes

If you’ve never given birth before (and even if you have) taking a childbirth class while you’re pregnant can help you and your partner prepare for all things birth, like what to pack in your birth  bag (definitely some Motherlove perennial balms and sprays for post birth), when you should head to the hospital, and what to expect while you’re there. Curious? Click here to learn more about putting childbirth classes onto your registry.


Having a coach, advocate, and confidante in birth is an amazing addition to your registry. A doula can help you have an empowered and supported experience no matter how you’re choosing to give birth. Doulas aren’t covered by insurance, but now you can add one to your registry.


While your body is growing and stretching to accommodate your baby, a prenatal massage, some chiropractic care, and acupuncture treatments are great ways to help you care for your body. Bodywork is a favorite because not only does it feel good in the moment, but there are long term benefits of continued bodywork in the postpartum period. Motherlove has an amazing selection of organic balms, salves rubs, and oils to help you feel comfortable in your growing pregnant body. You can register for massage and other bodywork services here


IBCLC or Lactation Counselor

Lactation support professionals are trained to help moms figure out breastfeeding, pumping, or the best alternative for you and your baby. Having this on your registry means you’ll be equipped with support when your baby arrives. Click here to register for yours! Motherlove has Nipple Cream and lactation supplements to help your body ease into nursing your new baby.

Postpartum Doula

Hiring a postpartum doula means having in-home, hands-on care while you’re settling in with your new baby. Postpartum doulas help support new moms and families by helping them navigate choices to make in regards to sleep and feeding, by helping with the chores around the home, and by helping you establish a new and manageable routine that feels good to you and your family, along with various other forms of support and education. Your postpartum doula will make sure YOU are being taken care of so you can care for your baby. Register for a postpartum doula here.

Meal delivery, laundry services, house cleaners and more

While you’re learning your newborn, cluster feeding, and adapting to the new dynamic of your family, having meals, laundry, and your other chores taken care of means one less thing for you to worry about. This way you can spend your precious energy nourishing yourself, your baby, and your family. You can customize support services to fit your needs, whatever they are.

Sleep Coach

Sleep coaches are not about getting your baby to sleep through the night with the “cry-it-out” method. Sleep coaches work with you and your family to set up sleep habits, so everyone in your family can feel their best. Put sleep on your registry by adding a sleep coach!

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Your body has gone through stretching and birth and pelvic floor therapy is a great way to help you restore and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor therapy is the perfect registry item for anyone who has given birth, whether it was vaginally or via cesarean. And while you’re healing your core and your underside, use some of Motherlove’s herbal products to help you feel soothed and nourished.

New Parent Support Groups

We shouldn’t be doing this alone. And connecting with other parents who are in the same parenting stage as you is priceless. Add new parent friends to your registry, and then share your favorite Motherlove products with them!

Make sure you’re including yourself and your needs as you prepare for bringing home your baby. Because onesies, swings, and bouncers can only go so far. And the care and support of your “village” is priceless during this magical time of new parenthood. All of these items and more can be added to your BeHerVillage registry for support. You deserve this! 


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