Tips for Taking Care of Your Perineum After Birth

Tips for Taking Care of Your Perineum After Birth

Taking care of your sore bottom can be a bit of a job in the early days after your baby’s birth.  Here are some simple things you can do to soothe muscles and prepare for what many call the ‘4th trimester’. Remember, you got this mama!  

Cold compresses

Many moms use ice packs to reduce swelling and soothe discomfort in the early hours after birth.  Be sure to wrap cold packs in a soft cloth or other soft material so that the cold pack doesn’t directly touch your skin. We suggest getting some prepped in your freezer, so they are ready to use once baby arrives.

Sitz Bath Spray

Warm water, especially when infused with herbs, can do wonders for tender tissues. Our Sitz Bath Spray can be sprayed directly on your perineum and offers the same relief, whenever you need. Mama tip – open up the bottle and remove the straw to make it easier to spray upside down.  


If you are a new mom, you are likely thinking ‘what’s that?!’ but trust us, these will become your new best friend. This convenient way to soothe your sore muscles is becoming a mama must-have for postpartum care. Whether you use reusable cloth pads, or standard pads, get them wet with a little water and spray Sitz Bath Spray on the pad. Then, place them in the freezer. When you are ready to use them, spray Sitz Bath Spray directly on your sore perineal muscles and wear the refreshing padsicle. Like the cold compress, we suggest getting a few prepped before baby arrives - you will thank us!

Hemorrhoid care

While not all mothers get hemorrhoids, it is never a bad idea to be prepared. Witch hazel is an herb that can be particularly helpful for soothing sore, swollen tissue, and especially helpful with hemorrhoids.  This astringent herb and its soothing properties can be found in our Rhoid Balm, which helps to relieve swelling and itching during pregnancy and after birth.

Peri bottle

After labor, it can be quite uncomfortable to wipe after going to the restroom. Many moms find it helpful to spray their perineum (front to back) with warm water after or during urination. Peri bottles make this easy. It can be especially helpful to use a peri bottle while urinating if you have stinging pain when using the toilet. Many hospitals will provide them, however, you can also find them in stores or online.

Mesh underwear

If giving birth in a hospital or birth center, you will likely be handed these after labor, along with some pads. Mesh underwear is lighter and airier than normal underwear. They might not be pretty, but they can hold the larger pads that many women wear after labor, especially for heavier padsicles. They also stretch and fit many body types, allowing for comfort and no tight seams pressing on your skin.

Have advice for a new mama? Let us know!

* This post is not intended as medical advice.  For medical advice, seek the recommendations of your health care provider.
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