Understanding More Milk Labels & Supplement Names

Understanding More Milk Labels & Supplement Names


We recognize that our supplement names can often lead to confusion, so we are taking a moment to break down each of our More Milk®  products and how they differentiate from one another. Should you need additional information on our line, please visit our Supplement Guide

Before we jump in, we want to take a moment to highlight the Motherlove difference. Motherlove is unique in that we only produce liquid supplements -- both in tincture form and in vegan capsules. In contrast to herbal teas or dried herbal tablets, a liquid tincture is the most concentrated way to take an herb.

Often times when manufacturing teas or dried herbal tablets, herbs are ground and remain on the shelves for longer amounts of time, thus losing their potency. By extracting our herbs in a mixture of grain alcohol and water, we are able to pull out larger amounts of the herbal constituents so our customers can take less of the herb but get the same results. Our tinctures and capsules also have a five-year shelf life, which means they can maintain their high potency for many years.


More Milk® Moringa (Capsules)

Herbal ingredients: moringa leaf, blessed thistle herb, nettle leaf, and fennel seed.

Think of it this way: More Milk + Moringa = More Milk Moringa. 

Moringa, otherwise known as Malunggay, has been a well-known galactagogue for nursing mothers for centuries.

More Milk Moringa shares a similar herbal formula to the More Milk tincture, with the addition of moringa.

More Milk Moringa can be a great option for moms who want breast milk supply support in a convenient capsule and are sensitive to the popular herb fenugreek. 

More Milk® Plus (Tincture or Capsules) 

Herbal ingredients: fenugreek seed, blessed thistle herb, nettle leaf, and fennel seed.

Think of it this way: More Milk + fenugreek = More Milk Plus. 

More Milk Plus is Motherlove’s best-selling breastfeeding product and can be great for breast milk supply support and increasing a moms’ freezer stashes. While some moms choose to avoid fenugreek due to sensitivities, it still remains as one of our best-selling herb for milk supply support. 

More Milk® Special Blend (Tincture or Capsules) 

Herbal ingredients: goat’s rue herb, fenugreek seed, blessed thistle herb, nettle leaf, and fennel seed.

Think of it this way: More Milk Plus + goat’s rue = More Milk Special Blend.

Motherlove’s More Milk Special Blend was specially formulated at the request of lactation specialists. For both the Special Blend tincture and capsules, Motherlove combined the herbal blend of More Milk Plus with a well-known galactagogue herb, goat’s rue. 

More Milk Special Blend is often suggested for mothers who didn’t see a breast size increase during pregnancy. The herb goat’s rue is known to help support the development of mammary tissue. Due to this, Special Blend is often also recommended for mothers that may be relactating, are adopting, or delivered prematurely.

More Milk® Two (Tincture)

Herbal ingredients: raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, and alfalfa herb.

The More Milk Two tincture is specialized specifically for breastfeeding moms who are also pregnant. While most of our breastfeeding supplements and tinctures should not be taken during pregnancy, More Milk Two is formulated for pregnant nursing moms. What separates this tincture from others like More Milk, More Milk Plus, and More Milk Special Blend, it does not contain the base of blessed thistle herb or fennel seed. This is a gentle blend to help provide support to this specific type of mom.


We hope you found this guide helpful, if you would still like further explanation of our supplements, as well as the other blends in our line, please see our supplement guide.

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