Your Tips for Pumping


We asked fans of the Motherlove Facebook page for their best pumping tips, and got a lot of great advice!  If you're an exclusively pumping mom, you may also want to check out our readers' tips on exclusive pumping, too.

  • For working moms, pump every 2-3 hours and keep the parts refrigerated so you don't need to wash them at work.
  • Hands-free pumping bra is a lifesaver.
  • I always had a video on my iPhone of my little one, making noise and/or moving.  Watching it while I pumped really helped get my milk going.
  • Do breast compressions to increase output. And be careful not to pump yourself into an oversupply.
  • Don't judge your supply by how much you pump!
  • If you're having trouble, try pre-pumping massage. And relax and think about bub. I found it helped to watch footage of my son as a newborn.
  • Establish a pumping routine. I pumped everyday at the same time and would always yield a higher output at those times than I would if I pumped off schedule. Just like nursing, switch off which breast you start with first, so one doesn't start outputting more than the other. ALWAYS keep the pump attached for about five minutes after you've stopped getting anything - oftentimes you can get a second let down that way!
  • My daughter won't take bottles but I'm still glad I pumped in the beginning when I was trying to offer them. Now I have some milk stored in the freezer and I plan to add it to solids when she starts eating them. That way if anyone else feeds her, if I'm away for any reason, she'll still get some breast milk.
  • Someone else who pumps around the clock mentioned in the middle of the night she puts pump parts all in a plastic bag and in the fridge then she can reuse them one more time in the morning or at least not wash them until morning. Saves time in the middle of the night.
  • Make sure you have the right size breastshield!
  • Rub some Motherlove Nipple Cream on the flanges or breast before pumping to minimize soreness and prevent cracked nipples
  • Dangle pump every session!

Image:  Wikimedia Commons