Drink Up! There is No Need to Limit Your Liquid Intake

Liquid intake with supplements

Have you ever looked closely at the Suggested Use found on the back of Motherlove’s supplements? If so, you’ll notice that it says, “for maximum effectiveness, avoid taking with more than 1-2 oz. of water.” This language was added to our products years ago because there was a concern that taking our liquid supplements with a large amount of liquid could limit the effectiveness of our supplements. However, after further scientific research, in addition to a lot of feedback from our moms, we are moving away from this recommendation.

This means that if you prefer to add your More Milk tincture to your morning smoothie -- go for it! Or feel free to take your Malunggay capsules with your evening cup of tea. It will take some time to notice a change on the labels themselves, but in the meantime, drink up mamas!