How Do I Take Motherlove Products to Help Support Milk Supply?

Not sure how to take Motherlove products to boost your milk supply?  Here are our answers to some common questions:

How much of my Motherlove product should I take?

Liquid Extracts Under 175 lbs: 1 ml - 4 times per day Over 175 lbs: 2 mls - 3 times per day

Capsules Under 175 lbs: 1 capsule 4 times per day Over 175 lbs: 2 capsules 3 times per day


How long will my Motherlove product last at the suggested amounts?

This depends on dose and body weight.  Here is the approximate time each product size will last:

  • 60 caps 10 days - 2 weeks
  • 120 caps 20 days - 4 weeks 
  • 2 oz. 10 days - 2 weeks 
  • 4 oz. 20 days - 4 weeks 

How long should I use Motherlove liquid extracts or vegetarian capsules?

Each mother’s needs are different. Some women are able to use these products for a short time to support their breast milk supply.  Other women, once their supply is at a desired level, are able to decrease the amount or number of doses per day to maintain the desired supply of breast milk. Many women are able to stop taking the product altogether as their bodies are able to maintain an adequate milk supply. Some women may need to use Motherlove’s lactation products the entire time they are nursing to maintain their milk supply. We encourage women to use the amount that best meets their baby’s needs.

When should I expect to see results?

Most women see results in breast milk supply with the More Milk Plus products within 1-2 days.  It does take longer - usually 2-3 weeks -  to see an effect when taking Goat’s Rue to support mammary tissue development.

What should I do if it is not working?

Be sure you are taking the correct amount for your body weight according to the suggested use on the label, as well as our recommendations above on water consumption.  There are certain herbs (including sage, parsley, and peppermint) and medications (such as over-the-counter decongestants) that can lower milk supply.  Try to avoid these while breastfeeding. Some lactation consultants also warn that some forms of hormonal birth control may lower breast milk supply.  It’s also possible that you would benefit more from a different Motherlove product.  As there can be many causes of low milk supply, we recommend working with a lactation consultant to help you with your particular breastfeeding situation.

*Not sure which Motherlove product is right for you?  Check out our guide to choosing the right Motherlove product for your needs.