How to Take a Motherlove Tincture

How to Take a Motherlove Tincture


If you’ve ever tried Motherlove’s lactation tinctures, you know they have a very strong taste! This is due to the high concentration of herbs and the inclusion of grain alcohol, which we use because it most effectively extracts the important herbal components a breastfeeding mom needs.

If you are having a bit of a difficult time taking the tincture with a small amount of water, it may help to take the tincture with something stronger tasting, such as orange juice or cranberry juice. We have even heard of moms who add it to a spoonful of honey to mask the flavor.

Don't worry if you are still having difficulty with the taste of a tincture— most of our tinctures are also available as a liquid capsule, eliminating the taste factor all together. Rest assured, Motherlove’s capsules have the same potency and efficacy as the tinctures and are easily absorbed by the body.

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