Motherlove is now 100% powered by the sun!

Motherlove is now 100% powered by the sun!

We are thrilled to share the news that Motherlove is now 100% (and then some) powered by the brilliant Colorado sun!

If you know Motherlove, you know that we take our responsibility to the earth seriously. For us, every day is Earth Day. It's a value we've held since our founding in Kathryn Higgins' family home.

It's long been a goal of ours to be powered by renewable energy, part of our many efforts to be as sustainable a company as we can be. For years we manufactured using wind credits, but we've always dreamed of actually generating renewable energy.

That's why were so excited that our new solar panel installation is complete. Our installation is a 75.6 kW system consisting of 252 panels on the roof of our new facility. Our estimated production is 90,000 kWh per year. The power we generate - about three times more than we use as a company - will be fed into the grid. Our solar installation was developed by Bella Energy and installed by Golden Solar

We're proud to be joining the growing number of Colorado households and businesses generating power from the sun. Colorado ranks 9th in the country in installed solar capacity, with 430 MW power currently installed. And solar installation is increasing by leaps and bounds in our state. From 2012 to 2013, net electricity generation from solarincreased by 20%. In 2013, 17% of Colorado electricity came from renewable sources, and the state is mandated to increase that percentage to 30% within the next five years.

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