Marshmallow | Althaea officinalis

Marshmallow root has been used for thousands of years and contains many antioxidants. Research even suggests that it forms a protective coating to help soothe skin irritations and digestive discomfort. 

Why You Might Find it Helpful:  One of the benefits of marshmallow root is that it can be used to soothe dry, inflamed skin. For new or soon-to-be mothers, marshmallow root can be beneficial to moisturize delicate areas of the skin, help prevent stretch marks, and clean wounds. For these reasons, Motherlove uses marshmallow root in many of our body care products such as: Nipple Cream, Green Salve, and Pregnant Belly Salve.

Marshmallow has mucilaginous properties to help coat the stomach. Motherlove uses this herb specifically in our Morning Sickness Blend to reduce internal symptoms, like heartburn, during pregnancy. 

What It Looks Like:  Marshmallow grows to be at least 1-to-3 feet tall in especially moist locations, however, varieties of the plant species can grow in many climates. The alternate, slightly serrated leaves feel soft to the touch. Marshmallow has small pale white/purple flowers bloom in the leaf axils. When harvested, the leaves and root are detached from the main stalk. 

Things to Know: Marshmallow is generally safe to use topically, although allergic reactions can happen. If you would like to take any lactation supplements with marshmallow in them, please consult with your healthcare provider before-hand.

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