Combining Motherlove Lactation Supplements - The Do's and Don't's

Combining Motherlove Lactation Supplements - The Do's and Don't's

With 8 different supplements to support milk supply, it is no surprise that we at Motherlove get quite a few questions about which supplement to take. That is one of the reasons why we have Certified Lactation Counselors (CLCs) on staff. Their background knowledge about breastfeeding helps them make better product recommendations to mothers who reach out wanting to start a supplement.


We created a Supplement Guide to help moms, or lactation professionals, choose a supplement. For each category, such as ‘Fenugreek-Free Alternatives’ or ‘Delivered Prematurely’ we list the supplements that would be a good fit and a general description of each of them. That way, a new mom can simply choose one of the products listed to try.

Beyond selecting which supplement to start taking, we often get asked if a mom can take more than one supplement at once. While none of our supplements are specifically designed to be taken at the same time, many of them can be taken together, if needed or desired.


Typically, if a mom is needing to take a supplement to enhance her supply, we often recommend that she start by taking one product that fits her needs. However, sometimes moms want to try more than one supplement or were recommended to try a couple together. 

Below are a few popular combinations: 

These are only some of the more common combinations out there. If you have found success with a combination of products, we’d love to hear about it!


The only combinations that we tend to shy away from recommending are ones in which the mom is doubling up on certain herbs such as goat’s rue or fenugreek. As an example, if a mom asks about taking More Milk Special Blend and Goat’s Rue, we typically remind her that More Milk Special Blend already contains goat’s rue and when taken in larger doses, goat’s rue can lower blood sugar. That isn’t to say she shouldn’t combine those two products, but we think it is helpful to know of the possible side effects.

It is the same concept as fenugreek. If a mom asks about taking More Milk Plus and Fenugreek, we often remind her that in larger doses, fenugreek can cause gastric upset in the mother or baby. Again, that isn’t to say this combination hasn’t been successful for other moms, but we do like to give a heads up about the possible side effects.

Ultimately, it is best not to combine two supplements with the same herbal base (see previous examples of goat's rue and fenugreek). With that said, there are different combinations that mothers can try to get support from herbal supplements. Each mother is different, and each breastfeeding journey is not the same, so it stands to reason that not every combination will work for every mother who tries it. 

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our products!

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