Can you produce more milk with your 2nd baby?

Many mothers say they noticed they had produced more milk or that their milk came in quicker wit...
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The History of World Breastfeeding Week

Written by: Rebekah Clark The inaugural World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) was in August of 1992 with...
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Breastfeeding Hasn’t Been Easy During the Pandemic... But It’s Getting Better!

Breastfeeding Hasn’t Been Easy for Moms During the Pandemic... But It’s Getting Better. Written b...
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What To Know About Nursing a Toddler Past 12 Months

Written by Wendy, IBCLC. Most moms who end up nursing past 12 months usually don’t start with th...
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Can I Drink Coffee While I am Breastfeeding?

CAFFEINE AND BREASTFEEDING: WHAT TO KNOW So let’s state the obvious; having a new baby is tiring....
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Why isn't my Supplement Working to Support my Milk Supply?

 “I am taking my supplement, but I don’t see any changes.” Just as every mother isn’t the same, t...
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Understanding More Milk Labels & Supplement Names

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MORE MILK SUPPLEMENTS? We recognize that our supplement names can o...
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NICU Mama Breastfeeding & Pumping Tips

Having a baby in the NICU after birth can be a stressful and scary experience, we are here to hel...
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Relactation: Want to Start Breastfeeding After Stopping?

If you’ve stopped breastfeeding and want to start up again, you probably can.  This process is ca...
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8 Tips For How To Breastfeed After a C-Section Birth

Many mothers worry that breastfeeding will be more difficult after they have a Cesarean birth. Wh...
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5 Most Common Breastfeeding Challenges - And how to deal with them!

No matter how breastfeeding unfolds for you in the early weeks, it’s normal to experience some ch...
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Combining Motherlove Lactation Supplements - The Do's and Don't's

With 8 different supplements to support milk supply, it is no surprise that we at Motherlove get ...
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3 Steps to Hand Express!

Hand expression to remove breast milk from your breast has been used by generations of women and ...
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It’s Never Too Late to Get Breastfeeding Help

  Getting started with breastfeeding, especially the first time around, is often a challenge - bu...
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How Do I Take Motherlove Products to Help Support Milk Supply?

Not sure how to take Motherlove products to support your milk supply? Here are our answers to som...
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Paced Feeding to Avoid Overfeeding Your Baby

You may not be able to overfeed a baby at the breast, but it is possible to overfeed (and overwhe...
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