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"Ready to Wean:"  A new children's book about weaning

We’re very pleased to share an interview with Elyse April, author of the new children’s book, Ready to Wean:  The Return of the Dangling Red Earrings.This book is a welcome addition to the growing library of children’s books about breastfeeding, and is the only current one about the topic of weaning.Want to see more children’s books… Continue Reading >

The connection between your "cankles," IV fluids in labor and your baby's early weigh

Did you have IV fluids during your labor and birth?  Did your baby lose a lot of weight in the early days of breastfeeding?  Did your ankles look more like cankles?A growing body of research is making connections between these things, and it’s important that moms understand these connections for ourselves.Getting IV fluids during… Continue Reading >

Herbal Care for Plugged Ducts

Have you had a plugged duct?If so, you know that they can be painful and frustrating.  So we thought we’d share some of our favorite herbal remedies* to support the quick resolution of plugged ducts.But before we do, here are the basic recommendations for resolving plugged ducts: Empty the affected breast frequently by nursing.  If… Continue Reading >

Dr. Jen's Guide to Breastfeeding:  A podcast interview with Dr. Jenny Thomas

If your best friend were a pediatrician and lactation consultant and wrote down her favorite breastfeeding advice, what would it say?We think it might sounds like Dr. Jen’s Guide to Breastfeeding, a new book by the popular and always down-to-earth pediatrician Dr. Jenny Thomas.  Dr. Thomas is a practicing pediatrician and lactation… Continue Reading >

Could a cow really make human milk?

Have you seen headlines like these?Genetically modified cows produce ‘human’ milk Goats to produce human milk Chinese produce human breast milk using genetically modified dairy cows The frequent news about cows and other mammals producing human milk is enough to make you wonder if it might be possible for scientists to replace you and your… Continue Reading >