Fight Breast Cancer, Join the Army of Women

As Breast Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, we hope you’ll consider this fast, free, and e...
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Top 10 Things to Do When You’re up for a 2:15 am Feeding

We’re so tickled to share some original art created by Adrienne Hedger, artist and co-author of ...
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Myth: Breastfeeding After Breast Implant Surgery Causes Sagging

A recent study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has found that mothers who have had...
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Here comes The Milk Truck!

Starting this month, residents of Pittsburgh may see a converted ice cream truck with a five foot...
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Returning to Work? Yes, You CAN Continue to Exclusively Breastfeed!

We’re pleased to share a guest post from Wendy Armbruster Bell is the Founder & Creative Dire...
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Doulas' Comfort Measures for Labor

Are you preparing for your baby’s birth? Looking for comfort measures you can use for labor and b...
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Honoring the Journey to Motherhood with a Blessingway

Looking for a special way to mark the transition into motherhood?  One that focuses on internal p...
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Postpartum mood disorders: Know if you have one, and where to turn for help

May is National Maternal Depression Awareness Month, and with 15-20% of mothers suffering from so...
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Favorite Online Breastfeeding Resources for Support

With all of the breastfeeding information available online, it can be tricky to find a trusted, r...
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At Motherlove, Every Day is Earth Day

This week, communities around the world will celebrate Earth Day. Here at Motherlove, we’re not ...
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Sustainable Packaging: Why we use glass containers?

Here at Motherlove, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality herbal care products to sup...
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10 Organic Facts You Need to Know

By Jennifer Rose, the media manager and staff writer for the Organic Trade Association. The Organ...
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Choosing and Fitting the Right Nursing Bra

If you’re planning to breastfeed, at least two or three nursing bras should be on your essentials...
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guest post: cloth diapers: cute, easy & comfy-cozy!

Our guest post this week is from Shirley Murdock and Maeghan at Bummis, a cloth diapering company...
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PCOS & Breastfeeding

Written By: Lisa Marasco, MA, IBCLC, FILCA, a board certified lactation consultant both in privat...
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Guest Post: Choices in Childbirth Talks About Choosing a Care Provider

We are proud to have interviewed Lisa Malley, Executive Director for Choices in Childbirth, a non...
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Motherlove Founder’s Herbal Birth Story

Written by: Kathryn Higgins, founder of Motherlove I decided to have a home birth with my first...
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Why Third-Party Certification Is So Important

Every day, Americans are bombarded with advertising about environmentally friendly goods and serv...
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Plantain: A Fantastic Herb and Nature's Band-Aid

The most valuable herb at our house during the summer months would be considered by many to be a ...
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Mom's Back-to-Work Breastfeeding Guide

ABC News - Good Morning AmericaMom’s Back-to-Work Breastfeeding Guide Motherlove’s  More Milk Pl...
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Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most important food a child can receive in the first months of life.  Decades ...
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