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On the road with Motherlove!

While Motherlove has been very fortunate to call Fort Collins, Colorado home for about 30 years, our staff also love to travel around the country (and to other countries!) to talk to people about our products. One of our newest positions at Motherlove is our Education and Outreach Coordinator. This month, she was out in the Seattle area to… Continue Reading >

Fenugreek Alternatives from Motherlove

If you know even just a little about herbal galactagogues, or herbs that support lactation, you’ve probably heard of fenugreek. Fenugreek is an herb that is often recommended to support breast milk supply and is known to be pretty fast acting. Two of Motherlove’s best selling supplements, More Milk Plus and More Milk Special Blend are… Continue Reading >


Our team would like to take a moment to express our gratitude as 2017 is coming to a close. While our list is ever expanding, we captured the highlights to share with you as we give thanks this year.Our Team - Motherlove was initially founded out of Kathryn Higgins’ desire to make organic herbal products to use throughout her own… Continue Reading >

Tips for Using an At-Breast Supplementer

When we imagine what breastfeeding will look like, few of us expect that we'll need a little help from an at-breast nursing supplementer.  But sometimes supplementers are necessary and they can be life-saving tools for moms who have low milk supply as well as for adoptive and non-birth moms who want to nurse their babies. Allowing babies… Continue Reading >

Yarrow: A 60,000 Year History

Have you spent time in the great outdoors during the warmer part of the year? If so, chances are you have admired the many flower buds and aroma of yarrow. As both an herb and common weed, yarrow is native to the Northern hemisphere. This herb grows freely in grasslands and open meadows, and prefers well-drained soil, with plenty of… Continue Reading >