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Different Flange Size for Each Breast?

No two breasts are the same so don’t assume your pump flanges should be the same size!All breast pumps come with at least one set of breast flanges, also known as breast shields, averaging in size from 24-27 millimeters. However, did you know that it is extremely common for a person to need different size flanges for each breast? Even at… Continue Reading >

Looking for a Baby Shower Gift?

Are you or a loved one expecting in 2019? Getting ready for a new baby is an exciting, but often overwhelming time. There seems to be a never-ending list of items that a new mom needs – blankets, clothes, toys, furniture, and accessories. However, most of the typical baby shower gifts are for the new baby. But, what about the new mom --… Continue Reading >

From Travel to Trees—How Motherlove Offsets Our Carbon

It is no secret that Motherlove cares for our environment — we are a Certified B Corp, we run on solar energy, we limit our use of plastic, and we love introducing more sustainable practices in our office every day, like eliminating paper napkins and straws.Another practice that we have had in place for a few years is that we also offset… Continue Reading >

Why no lanolin in Motherlove Nipple Cream?

When we talk about our best-selling Nipple Cream, we often say it’s ‘lanolin free’. This frequently raises the question, “why?”. Lanolin is in some widely available and well-known creams, so why did we choose to omit this common ingredient?What is lanolin?Lanolin is a natural wax coating on sheep wool that is removed by boiling the… Continue Reading >