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Meet the Herbs in our Diaper Balm Salve!

When your baby’s irritated, you want nothing more than to make them feel better.  Our Diaper Balm is an all-natural salve to provide quick and effective relief. Made with 96% certified organic and cruelty-free ingredients, it is safe for newborns and compatible with all diapers, including cloth diapers, as it does not contain zinc oxide… Continue Reading >

Using Goat’s Rue to Support Your Milk Supply

Goat’s rue (Galega officinalis) is an herb which has been long used to support milk supply. It is often recommended by lactation consultants, and we at Motherlove love it so much that we even grow it on our own farm, where this photograph was taken.You may be wondering, what's so special about this herb? Below are just a couple of… Continue Reading >

Why Did My Milk Come in Late?

Written by Tanya, IBCLC  You've given birth and are waiting for your milk to come in.  And waiting. And waiting.  For those of us who find that our milk has come in late - generally defined as later than 72 hours after birth - it can be a frustrating and puzzling experience.  So, what are the factors associated with a delay in milk… Continue Reading >

Get to Know Chamomile

Let’s talk about chamomile.  Just hearing the name relays a sense of calm, soothing relaxation - right?Often associated with a night time cup of tea, this well known herb has many additional benefits, especially for skin, and can be found in Motherlove’s Pregnant Belly Oil and Pregnant Belly Salve.The name chamomile is derived from… Continue Reading >