5 Reasons to Love Nursing a Toddler

We’re posting today as part of the April Carnival of Breastfeeding, sponsored by the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog and the Blacktating Blog.  The theme this month is extended breastfeeding, and you’ll find lots more on this topic in the links at the bottom of this post.

At Motherlove we fully support breastfeeding past infancy.  Here are some of our favorite reasons to love nursing a toddler:

Comfort like no other. There are few things that can comfort your child like nursing, and when you’re parenting a busy toddler who is exploring the world, nursing provides a special connection that soothes, calms, and recharges.

Great nutrition and immune support. As your baby turns into a toddler, breastmilk remains a source of great nutrition and custom-made antibodies.  In fact, it changes to meet your child’s needs as she grows.  This nutritional support is particularly reassuring if you have a picky eater, and the immune support may be helpful during cold season.

They can tell you all about it! There are few things more endearing than hearing that breastfeeding “tastes like flowers” or “makes my tummy smile.”  If you nurse into toddlerhood, comments like these are a big reward!

It’s good for you, too. Much of the research about breastfeeding shows that it’s “dose dependent,” meaning that the longer you do it, the more protection it offers.  For mothers, this means that longer breastfeeding duration means lowered risk of breast cancer, for example.

For some, tandem nursing. For some mothers, nursing during pregnancy and nursing both a newborn and toddler is a special experience.  (We even make an herbal blend designed to be used when nursing while pregnant!)

Of course, nursing a toddler can come with its own challenges, and we love these resources for support:

What’s your favorite thing about nursing a toddler?  Let us know!

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