Green Apps for Green Moms

More iPhone Apps for green parenting have been unearthed, so to speak. Check out our new finds and, yes, there may just about be an app for everything.

Simply Organic

From the creators of Simply Organic, an all-organic brand from Frontier Natural Products Co-op™, is the Simply Organic Recipe App for the iPhone or iPod Touch. With more than 1,000 natural and organic recipes, this free app features Simply Organic products in 20 different categories (including ethnic foods and Healthy Kids). Use the Random Recipe spinner for a little dinner spontaneity. Before building your shopping list, make sure to subscribe to the Simple Savings email list. Use the Store Locator (search by zip code or geo-locator) to find the closest Simply Organic products nearest to you. And don’t forget to rate your recipes as you make them; emailing favorites directly to your friends.

Organic Spa: Skin Care Guide

Claiming to be the leading ECO LIFESTYLE magazine in America today, Organic Spa Magazine promotes the marriage of spa and wellness with your sustainable and organic lifestyle. In each issue, the magazine covers everything from health and wellness, eco fashion and design, green travel, organic beauty and skin care, organic foods and supplements, and everyday green living tips.

Now free and in app format, the Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide is available for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. A comprehensive organic and natural skin care resource guide, the app displays skin care companies with products on the market today (organized in categories including pregnancy, sun, and aromatherapy, and hands and feet). While specific product details are only listed for featured companies (look for the orange stars and orange print), a live link to the website, the company mission or vision, and “certifications received” are listed for each company.  When a company supports a philanthropy or non-profit organization, that information is listed too. Tag your favorites and make sure and look for updates regularly.


Eat a bit bitter—the tagline for the Fooducate iPhone app, is to help families make better food choices. Like taking your own personal, digital to you with the grocery store, Fooducate helps you sort through the health claims and marketing hype and make better sense of the ingredients list and nutrition labels.

A quick barcode scan of an impulse purchase in our food pantry (I’ll take my secret to the grave), gave the item a letter grade of “C” and told me about the trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. What I didn’t know was that each serving has three teaspoons of sugar (!) and is 110 calories. The app suggested alternate products (including healthier brands) and gave me the ability to do a side-by-side product comparison. In the lower left-hand corner is an icon in the shape of a life raft. Called “help a friend,” you can inform Facebook buddies, tweet, or email your findings one-on-one.

Seafood Watch

Created by the non-profit Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program helps seafood consumers make educated choices about sustainable seafood. At a time when the world’s oceans are overfished, the Seafood Watch app suggests best choices, good alternatives, and what to avoid. Taking population control, water pollution, and harvesting practices into consideration, click on the name of a fish the next time you’re at restaurant, at a market, or in the frozen food isle of the grocery store.

Take caviar for example. The Seafood Watch app suggests avoiding imported caviar from sturgeon that are at risk of extinction (look for caviar from U.S. farmed white sturgeon and paddlefish). Other market names for caviar are listed, as well as a description of a health alert from the Environmental Defense Fund (due to high levels of PCBs and mercury). The app then provides a general summary of caviar, including how and where it is harvested and what is being done to protect sturgeon here in the U.S.

Available for free for on iPhone or iPod Touch, download the Seafood Watch app directly from the Monterey Bay Aquarium website.