Seasonal allergies? Herbs to the rescue!

  Allergy season is in full swing again, so we thought we’d share some information on herbs to re...
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Motherlove's Founder: How Herbs Helped Me Through Three Births

Today we’re very happy to share the birth stories of Kathryn Higgins, Motherlove’s founder.  Alre...
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Plants to Naturally Soothe PMS Symptoms

We’ve written before about herbs to support your pregnancy and herbs to help with morning sicknes...
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Nettle Leaf: A Friend to your Breast Milk Supply

While stinging nettle can be painful to touch, it’s a plant that is very friendly to a mother’s m...
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Alfalfa: Not just for sandwiches anymore!

Most of us know alfalfa from our sandwiches and salads but this familiar plant is also useful in ...
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Blessed Thistle: A Natural Galactagogue

Blessed Thistle is an old friend to nursing mothers, so we thought we’d take a moment to share a...
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Witch Hazel can be a Mom's Best Friend

Witch hazel is an herb many mothers come to swear by after pregnancy and childbirth, and we thoug...
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Herbs, Nutrition, and Other Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Experiencing morning sickness, or dreading it? You’re not alone: more than half all pregnant wome...
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We are the Proud Champions of Clean Cosmetics

At Motherlove we’ve been committed to making safe, toxin-free, organic herbal products for mothe...
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At Motherlove, Every Day is Earth Day

This week, communities around the world will celebrate Earth Day. Here at Motherlove, we’re not ...
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Sustainable Packaging: Why we use glass containers?

Here at Motherlove, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality herbal care products to sup...
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10 Organic Facts You Need to Know

By Jennifer Rose, the media manager and staff writer for the Organic Trade Association. The Organ...
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Motherlove Founder’s Herbal Birth Story

Written by: Kathryn Higgins, founder of Motherlove I decided to have a home birth with my first...
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Why Third-Party Certification Is So Important

Every day, Americans are bombarded with advertising about environmentally friendly goods and serv...
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Plantain: A Fantastic Herb and Nature's Band-Aid

The most valuable herb at our house during the summer months would be considered by many to be a ...
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