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From morning sickness to milk supply, we are here for you, mama! Please visit our Selecting Your Supplement page.

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We recommend taking Motherlove's supplements according to the dosage guidelines, which are printed directly on the labels and are as follows:

Liquid Extracts:175 lbs and under: 1 ml 4 times per dayOver 175 lbs: 2 mls 3 times per day

Capsules:Take 1 capsule, 4 to 6 times throughout the day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Since herbs move quickly through your system, we recommend spacing out the doses to the best of your ability.

Please note, directions on your labels may look different than above- we are in the midst of updating dosage on all labels. The overall dosage has not changed, is it just no longer based on weight.

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Body Care

Since we do not use preservatives, the shelf life of our body care products varies between 18-22 months, depending on the product. You will find an expiration date located on the bottom of the jar and box.

Nipple Cream is made from 5 USDA Certified Organic ingredients and it does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding. One of the reasons it is a mama favorite and trusted by medical professionals! 

One of Motherlove's 3 guiding principles, or pillars as we call them, is 'Safe and Effective'. We take great strides to ensure that we are providing only the safest ingredients to our consumers. Motherlove uses a number of sources to confirm the safety level of our herbs, including the American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook and the German E. Commission Monographs. In addition to that, we only source USDA Certified Organic or wildcrafted herbs. We have a full-time Quality Assurance Department based in our Fort Collins, Colorado facility that is fully dedicated to monitoring our herbal quality. If you have further questions about our products, simply give us a call or email us.

Great question! Since Motherlove only uses organic ingredients in our Nipple Cream, and no artificial thickeners or ingredients,the consistency can vary depending on the batch. This variance is actually due to bees, or more specifically, the beeswax! We use beeswax as a natural thickener in our salve and depending on where the bees live, what they are feeding on, and how their wax is harvested, the beeswax consistency can vary. Rest assured, even though the texture may seem slightly different than a previous jar you bought, the product has the same award-winning formula that moms have come to know and trust.

Shipping & Returns

Motherlove processes orders to ship the following the business day. Most shipments arrive within 3-5 business days. However, it depends on your location. 

Please note that Motherlove is closed on holidays and Friday to Sunday. All orders placed during this time frame will ship the following business day.

To find an Canadian store near you, head to our Store Locator. 

At this time, Motherlove products are only available in Canada through our distributor, Ecotrend Ecologics. We do not do any additional direct shipments to Canada beyond our partnership with Ecotrend and as such, we cannot send samples directly to our Canadian providers. 

Motherlove has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return the product, with a receipt, to wherever it was purchased for a full refund or exchange, including online orders.

If you purchased a Motherlove product on Amazon and are not completely satisfied, you are able to return it for a full refund. To do so, simply log into your Amazon account, go to your orders page, and request a return for a refund. Please note that Amazon has a 30-day limit on returns. If you have any challenges with this process, please contact us at mother@motherlove.com or 970-493-2892 and we'll gladly assist you.

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